“A wheelie good idea”

“Life has been busy for George and Jason Stanley since they decided to start manufacturing their labour saving ideas. The sheep farmers from Errill, Co Laois, had plenty of enquiries from fellow farmers on their stand at the Ploughing. However, it was another small idea, not related to sheep, that generated the most interest. The idea was a trolley that can be used to tow the wheelie bin down an avenue to where it can be collected.

"The trolley picks up the bin and is put onto the car's tow bar. It can then be quickly dismantled into three pieces and put into the boot of the car,'' Shirley Stanley told me. There is one pin to pull to dismantle it. They even got an order to make a trolley that can carry two bins at the same time. George and Jason took the plunge in the new business after they entered the JFC innovation awards last year. It just goes to show that one thing always leads onto another. So if you have an idea, get an entry in and you never know where you will end up. Contact your local Teagasc or DARD office for details.”